Online Poker Laws In Hawaii

If you reside in Hawaii, lucky you first off, but if you’re a poker player living in Hawaii, you may not be so lucky. Hawaii is a state that has some of the toughest laws against land-based gambling, which is why so many turn to the Internet to get their fix. This is especially true when it comes to online poker because Hawaii has no state-regulated establishments where residents can go to play a few hands or even play in a tournament. It would be tough to imagine that the hardcore players do not have home games to play at, but according to the poker laws in Hawaii, that would be illegal according to the letter of the law... but it still happens.

Because Hawaii has such tough laws on gambling, many residents may feel that these apply to online gambling as well. This is a very legitimate thought and one that we aim to prove wrong by the end of this article. As you are going to find out, there are no online poker laws in place to keep Hawaii residents from turning to the web to play the game. When all is said and done, and if you are confident enough, we've got some poker sites that will take players from Hawaii which will allow you to sign up today!

How To Play Legal Online Poker In Hawaii

If you want to play online poker from Hawaii, you only need an internet connection, a computer and the desire to play. You will then select one of the many rooms that allow residents of Hawaii to play online poker.

Once you find a site to play at, you just create a new account and you’re good to go. Creating a new account is always free and there’s no need to do anything else that requires great technical skill. If you can work a computer, you can play online poker from Hawaii. If you want to play for real-money, you will need to go one step further and actually make a deposit into your account.

Are There Legal Online Poker Sites That Accept Hawaii Residents?

Not all sites will welcome players from this state. But, there are some that willingly choose to do so. This means you have more than enough options to continue playing online poker like you once did. Even if you’re new to online poker, they will still let you play as well.

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Is Online Poker Legal in Hawaii?

Given the laws that this state has in place, it’s tough to give a definitive answer on this question. While no law specifically says you cannot partake in gambling online or play poker for that matter, there are some laws that may collide with online gambling.

However, you could argue both sides of this case for years and still not come to a conclusion whether it’s legal or not. For the time being, online poker is neither legal nor illegal in the state of Hawaii which means, you will not be charged with a crime for doing so.

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What Do The Online Poker Laws In Hawaii Say?

The state of Hawaii does not allow any form of land-based gambling. They are one of only 2 states in America that have this stance on gambling. No lotteries, no race tracks, no bingo, nothing. While the laws are strict, at least they are clear and there should be no confusion as to what you can and can’t do.

While the gambling laws for operators based in the state are stringent, those who go online to get their fix are unaffected. Many state put these laws on the books long before Internet gambling and online poker came to be. Therefore, those states did not make provisions to expressly forbid the activity and residents are not risking any penalty or reprecussions for going online to play poker.

Regulation Of Legal Online Poker In Hawaii

One of the laws in regards to gambling in Hawaii State that anyone using a device to partake in gambling is considered illegal. This is a summary of the law and not an actual word for word meaning. But, the word-“device” is the key element in this law. No one knows for sure what a device means and if that a computer could be considered a device or not. However, this grey area of the law means that it would be tough to get a crime of using a computer to play online poker tough to hold in a court of law.

It’s safe to say Hawaii will not look to regulate online poker anytime soon if at all. For the time being though, online poker is fair game for all residents of the state.

Best Online Poker Sites That Accept Hawaii Residents

Any room that accepts Americans will accept players from Hawaii and be 100% legal. The days of picking between 100s of rooms are over though. That doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of options to find a quality place to play online poker.

Many rooms still accept players from Hawaii and have a lot to offer. They may not have the large traffic of the giant rooms, but not many do.

Bovada - Residents Living On The Big Island To Hilo Can Play At This Website

One of the better options for players living in the beautiful state of Hawaii is a room called-Bovada. They have a policy that allows most American states residents on their state with Hawaii being one of them.

They have some of the best banking options that allow players to instantly deposit their money using credit cards or other safe and legal methods. Cashing out your funds is just as easy and safe. In fact, they have some of the fastest cash out times of any site online.

If you’re still searching for a place to play or just haven’t felt safe playing only, Bovada is the answer to all your problems.

Final Thought About The Hawaii Online Poker Laws

In short, playing online poker is safe and technically not illegal. The grey areas surrounding the game lead to little worry of being prosecuted or charged with a crime. If I lived in Hawaii; I would no problem or worries about playing online poker.

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